Friday, September 2, 2011

Happiness within or with?

Which kind of happiness is better? The one you can feel or the one you can share?

The one you feel is only for you. Not superficial, not egoistic, no flamboyance. Just a pure simple feeling. On the other hand is the happiness that you can share. You may feel that fiery spark of happiness, and it moves on from there. From your fiery spark to everyone's candle light. Its like the difference between running your race yourself and winning it, and running a relay where you are the last one to cross the line and win it.

In both cases you are happy for sure, but the second one is for everyone to see and feel. And you may just end up feeling happier that way. Of course its diluted, a little more than you wish it to be. But the bigger question remains- does it make you happier than when it was only you? Or does it make it all too frivolous? Frivolous enough for you to want to hide it from everyone?
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