Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Rain

At first I see the dark clouds, the scary lightening and stormy winds

But, as a drop falls my parched and stoned soul

Slowly, silently, the child within me unwinds…

Walking down the concrete road

I welcome the rain

Turning my head right up to the sky

While smiling at its face.

I feel the soothing drops; I try to embrace myself

And I hold myself in place, think of you all the way.

Breath takes your name, eyes look for you through the dripping ruffles

And I feel you in my arms, each moment, all day!

Then one day when we stand at our window,

And the rain comes lashing by.

The breeze along makes us spread our arms,

WE believe, yes we can fly…

So many of our emotions

Do these rains hold.

Sometimes they make us cheerful,

Sometimes intimate

They make our love sparkle

We love this nature’s spectacle.

Now, each time, when we drench ourselves in these rains,

I will melt in your arms, forgetting all my pains….

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